Message from the Chairman of New Generation Chapter

Hey there, future leaders! I'm pumped to welcome you to New Generation Sri Lanka (NGSL), a platform designed to ignite the fire within Sri Lanka's most dynamic generation – YOU! We get it. You crave a better today, a future brimming with possibilities, and a chance to conquer new heights, not just on a local stage, but on a global scale. That's the spirit we're here to cultivate. At NGSL, we believe the future of Sri Lanka rests on the shoulders of its youth. You are the changemakers, the innovators, the ones who will shape the narrative of tomorrow. We're not just talking about lofty ideals here. We're offering real tools, practical workshops, and mentorship opportunities to equip you with the professional skills you need to turn those dreams into tangible realities. NGSL is your one-stop shop for leadership grooming and professional development. We'll help you hone your communication skills, sharpen your strategic thinking, and develop the kind of resilience that allows you to bounce back from any setback. We'll connect you with industry leaders and successful young professionals who will guide you on your journey to the top. This is your time to shine. Are you ready to make a difference? Join our movement, get involved, and let's rewrite the Sri Lankan story together. We'll see you at the forefront, leading the charge towards a brighter future!
Onwards and upwards,
Kasun Sigera Chairman, New Generation Sri Lanka